F2 driver annoyed with social media after clash Verstappen and Hamilton

21-07-2021 20:29 | Updated: 22-07-2021 00:33
by GPblog.com
F2 driver annoyed with social media after clash Verstappen and Hamilton

Théo Pourchaire enjoyed the battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. It was a pity that the duel came to an end after half a lap on the Silverstone circuit when Verstappen slid into the tyre stacks with his RB16B. Pourchaire doesn't really want to choose sides, but mainly expresses his dissatisfaction about what happened on social media after the race.

"I really loved it, I was really shaking during that first lap," Pourchaire said in conversation with Motorsport.com. The current number six in the Formula 2 championship finds it difficult to say which of the two was directly to blame for the touché during the opening lap of the British GP.

Pourchaire:"You have to be honest, Max is a very aggressive driver, he has been aggressive since he came into F1, he created a lot of collisions, but the drivers didn't really get angry with him. Yesterday (Sunday, ed.) I think it was Hamilton's fault, although I think it's really very complicated: it's really closer to a 50/50 than one driver's fault," the Frenchman explains.

The fact that fans of Verstappen and Hamilton then go on to clash is incomprehensible in the view of the still only seventeen-year-old ART Grand Prix driver."I find it sad that opinions are so divided, that there are really two camps. It's unbelievable that on social media there is a lot of cruelty on both sides, there can even be racism, it really goes a lot further. Honestly, it's horrible sometimes."

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