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Montoya critical of Verstappen: Now you see how many points it costs him

Montoya critical of Verstappen: "Now you see how many points it costs him"

21-07-2021 15:44 Last update: 17:39


The crash between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton is still the hottest topic at the coffee machine. Where many people think that it was an unfortunate coincidence, there are also people who think that Lewis Hamilton tried to send a signal by ticking off the Dutchman on the Silverstone circuit.


One of the people who thinks so is former driver Juan Pablo Montoya, who was also known for having a short fuse. In the first edition of This Week with WillMontoya says: "Lewis is definitely going to be stronger for this. Max has also not been in the situation before where he had to take into account fighting for a championship."

According to the 45-year-old Colombian, Hamilton knows that Red Bull has the stronger car. "Max is faster. Lewis knows that he is the driver who has to take the risks now, otherwise, he will not win the title this year. Through this incident, Lewis showed how much he wants to win that new title."

Pleased with second place

Montoya thinks Max's inexperience in competing for a championship will still play tricks on the Dutchman: "He needs to be smart and take points. He could have taken his foot off the gas before the crash and been happy with second place. With the right strategy, he could even have won. But he insisted on going for the win, and now you can see how many points that cost him."

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