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Brawn looks back on sprintrace: 'Red Bull and Mercedes with different setup'

Brawn looks back on sprintrace: 'Red Bull and Mercedes with different setup'

21-07-2021 12:36 Last update: 13:30


The weekend at Silverstone was not only the weekend that Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton touched down but also the weekend that F1 tested with a new format for the first time. Sporting Director of Formula 1, Ross Brawn, is happy with the result.

"I’m very pleased with F1’s first Sprint weekend. Our belief was that it would add more engagement for fans across three days – and it definitely did," explained Brawn in his column on Formula1.com. The former F1 team boss sees that the teams have also changed their approach due to the new format.

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"The fact that teams had less time to practice had a significant impact on the weekend. Red Bull had a car with a bit more wing on it so were slower down the straight. Mercedes went for a lower drag setting, which gave Lewis the opportunity."

Brawn explained how F1 now plans to move forward with testing the new format, which should happen at Monza and most likely Brazil."We’ll go away and reflect on the format in the next week or two. I’m sure there will be things we can pick up with teams and then digest the feedback. It’s a great first step in this experiment, with two more Sprints to come. I want to emphasise that we won’t make a judgment on whether it will be part of our championship in the future until we have done all three Sprints on three different tracks," Brawn concluded.

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