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Coulthard points to Hamilton: 'There's only one way to overtake there'

Coulthard points to Hamilton: 'There's only one way to overtake there'

21-07-2021 11:33 Last update: 13:29


The opinions about the crash between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton differ enormously. Some think Hamilton should have been punished more severely, while others blame Verstappen. In the end, the Briton of Mercedes got a time penalty of ten seconds and according to David Coulthard that is a just punishment.

"Max gave Lewis enough room at that point and therefore, from my point of view, the accident was caused by Lewis," Coulthard begins at Speedweek. The former Red Bull Racing driver echoes what Christian Horner said after the race. "We all know Copse is not a corner to attack on the inside unless you're really all the way there on the right".

Hamilton didn't give way

However, that didn't happen in the situation with the two title rivals. "Then your opponent has plenty of room on the outside, but Lewis just wasn't at the apex". Coulthard compares the clash between Verstappen and Hamilton, with previous mishaps in the title fight.

"It's been like that between Senna and Prost, but also between Mansell and Piquet. Sometimes these things happen between two top drivers. The most important thing then is just that nobody gets hurt," Coulthard concluded.

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