Coronel about Hamilton's reaction: 'So it appears there is only one professional'

20-07-2021 19:09 | Updated: 22-07-2021 14:12
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Coronel about Hamilton's reaction: 'So it appears there is only one professional'

The battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen finally came to a head last weekend, the moment many people had been waiting for. Hamilton got a ten second penalty and then won the race while Verstappen was in hospital.

The discussion at this point is not even about the mistake itself, but more about the penalty Hamilton received and his reaction afterwards. Tom Coronel says in an extensive interview with that the cops could have been caught with two men.

"You have to be able to trust each other. And it was easy to do so, as we have seen. Hamilton overtook Leclerc at that same corner. Only when he went through that corner with Max, he missed the apex by one and a half metres. Very simple."

Coronel doesn't understand Hamilton's reaction at all

Like many other people, Coronel is still furious about the Briton's reaction after the race. He doesn't understand Hamiltont's reaction at all.

"Just say: I made a mistake, lie on your back with your tail between your legs. Then the race goes on and take the points from Verstappen and laugh about it. But don't go back and say 'yes but there was a fierce battle. Max has always fought fair. He never hit Hamilton. He did break open the door a bit with a crowbar. Look at Barcelona, look at Imola. But there you see that they understand and respect each other. That was not the case now. ”

Verstappen wanted to make a show of it

Something the Dutchman is almost always willing to do. Hamilton decided not to back down this time, and according to Coronel that is only good. But it has to be fair.

"Max gave him space, thought 'well then we'll just go through cops together', also seriously fat. Good for the fans, for the racing, for the fight and good for us together. Because we understand each other. And then Hamilton makes the mistake. Then it's very simple: then you also have to say you're wrong."

Everyone saw a situation like this coming at some point. Verstappen said upfront that this was not going to happen because they are two professionals. For Coronel it is now clear: "So it appears that there is only one professional: Max." Clear language from the Dutchman.

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