"This will only add more fire to our fight for the championship"

20-07-2021 14:15 | Updated: 20-07-2021 14:38
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This will only add more fire to our fight for the championship

The horror-crash that Max Verstappen made during the Grand Prix Great Britain will keep the minds busy for a while, especially now that there is a week without a race in between. Immediately after the race, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen and their teams from Mercedes and Red Bull Racing were interchanging the blame, and that is likely to continue throughout the season.


Team boss Christian Horner has no intention of giving up on his team's championship aspirations. Indeed, according to the Brit, the determination has only grown. "We have a small lead in both championships and you can be sure that once we've had time to think about Silverstone, this weekend will only add more fire to our fight for the championship," he told F1.com notes.

No serious injuries

In any case, Horner was pleased that his pupil did not suffer too serious injuries from his crash. "No, he was not knocked out, he was conscious during the crash. He's just badly winded. It was a huge hit - probably the biggest of his career - and totally unnecessary. Luckily he got out of the car without any help. He's battered and bruised, but luckily he's okay. That's the best result of the race," he said.

After the race on Sunday, Horner already let out a similar sound: "This is an incredibly difficult way to end the British Grand Prix weekend and it goes without saying that we're all just grateful that Max was able to walk out of the car, despite being taken to hospital later as a precaution."

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