'The way Lewis took the corner, he was always going to hit Verstappen'

20-07-2021 08:44 | Updated: 20-07-2021 09:18
by GPblog.com
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'The way Lewis took the corner, he was always going to hit Verstappen'

If you talk about Formula 1, you can't ignore the clash between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen after this weekend. Marc Surer also discusses this topic, in his new article for Motorsport-total.com.

After each race Surer gives marks to the drivers. He gives the drivers themselves a grade, but also counts the grades of the readers and the rest of the editorial staff. Together they come to a ranking which is published on the website after each race. Surer has the highest mark this time (a 1) for Charles Leclerc, while Hamilton and Verstappen get the same mark: A 2.

Hamilton relies on Verstappen

Verstappen, of course, has shown little, but Hamilton gets that grade despite his clash with Verstappen. Surer, in fact, did see things go wrong for Lewis. '' With the angle he was cutting into the corner, he was always going to hit Verstappen if Verstappen didn't give up,'' says the former Formula One driver.

According to Surer, Hamilton knew that all too well, and probably knew where the problem was. ''Max never gives up. It's Lewis who often does that, like in Imola. However, after his loss on Saturday he must have said to himself, 'Not this time!' Somehow you felt they would crash,'' Surer concludes.

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