Hamilton reacts after incident with Verstappen: "Am glad to hear he is ok"

18-07-2021 21:23 | Updated: 18-07-2021 21:47
by GPblog.com
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Hamilton reacts after incident with Verstappen: Am glad to hear he is ok

The talk of the day at the Silverstone Grand Prix was the incident between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. The two title contenders collided on the first lap, something that proved fatal to Verstappen's race.

Hamilton was able to continue however, got a ten-second penalty and eventually won the race in the last minute. Afterwards, he commented on social media about today's race.

"Today is a reminder of the dangers in this sport. I send my best wishes to Max. He is an incredible competitor. I'm glad to hear he's ok. I will always race hard, but always fair. My team showed courage and perseverance there. It's a dream to win in front of my home crowd."

Hamilton closing in on Verstappen

Thanks to Hamilton's 25 points and Verstappen's zero points, the gap is now more than halved. The battle continues in Hungary, hopefully again with fantastic overtaking and a great fight for victory.

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