Hamilton disappointed after losing pole position: 'Not one of my best days'

18-07-2021 11:45 | Updated: 18-07-2021 14:18
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Hamilton disappointed after losing pole position: 'Not one of my best days'

On Friday it was still party time in the Mercedes garage, on Saturday the mood was less. They had pole position for the sprint race but lost P1 for the Grand Prix to Max Verstappen. Lewis Hamilton however still holds out hope that they can fight back during the race on Sunday afternoon, in front of more than 100,000 British F1 fans.

"Yeah, well, naturally it’s not been the best of days for us but I’ve given it – we’ve given it absolutely everything. I think we got, well, it’s a shame, we got the same points as Red Bull got today, I think me and Valtteri together, so it’s great that we’ve done our job", Hamilton explained at the press conference of the FIA after the conclusion of Saturday's sprint qualifying session.

Hamilton ready for battle with Verstappen

Hamilton also realises that with Red Bull Racing's good starts this season, overtaking on the first lap is complicated. "Tomorrow’s going to be tough but the support of the fans, you know, just the parade lap we just did there, the roar of the crowd is just magnificent. I will recharge tonight and just come back stronger tomorrow," he said.

"There’s definitely things that we’ve learned from today and I hope that we can improve for tomorrow and I’ll be giving it everything for everyone that turns up tomorrow and hope that we can have a closer race than we had today," Hamilton concluded.

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