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Verstappen: Adrian has told me that everything will be fine this season
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Verstappen: "Adrian has told me that everything will be fine this season"

13-07-2021 20:57 Last update: 22:16


They've often been called the favourites, rightly or wrongly, but at the moment there's no escaping it for Red Bull Racing. The gap to Mercedes is expected to narrow, but for now many see Max Verstappen as the favourite to win at Silverstone.

Verstappen stressed that the title race is far from over, even if he wins at Silverstone. According to the Red Bull driver, it is particularly important to keep improving, something that proved itself in France. "It's all about bringing upgrades," he says in conversation with Sky Sports.

Important role for Newey

Then Verstappen gets distracted for a moment. "And as you can see, the people who are behind us right now are very important for the upcoming races," Verstappen says, laughing, as top designer Adrian Newey walks into the picture to greet him. "Adrian has told me that everything will be fine for the rest of the season", he says jokingly. "Yeah, okay", echoes from the background. So, the Red Bull designer knows what to do.

Then a quick word about the first sprint race. What does the Red Bull driver expect from the upcoming race weekend? The answer is short but telling. "Of course I hope to leave there with 29 points," Verstappen said.

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