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Some things will have to fall Lewis' way to keep Max from the title

"Some things will have to fall Lewis' way to keep Max from the title"

13-07-2021 13:54 Last update: 15:00


The Silverstone race weekend is just around the corner, and that's a good reason for the British media to take a bus loaded with British F1 celebs around the country to get their predictions: will Mercedes finish alongside Red Bull Racing this weekend, or will Max Verstappen continue to pull away from the championship and throw in the towel on Mercedes?

Can Lewis stop Max?

On the bus, Jenson Button was previously put through his paces, and now it's time for another former champion. Damon Hill is asked by Sky Sports F1 Hill is asked if it will be a piece of cake for Verstappen to win the title. "I think that's a bit of a stretch. I think he's got a few difficult corners ahead of him and there are plenty of people who want to stop him."

According to Hill, Lewis Hamilton should certainly not be discounted just yet: "We've been nowhere near the end of Mercedes' campaign to stop Max. There's also a big difference between having a go at the championship and actually having one up on the mantlepiece. I don't think anyone is 100 per cent confident because anything can happen. It is an unpredictable sport. He [Max] has to overcome the hurdle of keeping his energy intact first until he can really just start celebrating."

Should Lewis win?

Hill is then asked if Hamilton must win at Silverstone to keep his title chances alive. "Some things will have to fall Lewis' way to keep Red Bull and Max from the title. There are some updates coming for Mercedes, it's a good circuit for them, and Lewis is not going to give up easily. I think Lewis needs a good result and I think he will get it."

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