Tug of war over Russell continues: "Think the announcement is coming"

13-07-2021 13:37 | Updated: 13-07-2021 15:00
by GPblog.com
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Tug of war over Russell continues: Think the announcement is coming

In the run-up to the Silverstone race weekend, the situation of George Russell continues to cause a stir. Although Russell himself indicated earlier that he was keeping all doors open (including those to Red Bull Racing), for many journalists and insiders he is still the man in pole position when it comes to the seat next to Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes next year.

Russell to Red Bull?

Russell previously told us not to expect an announcement regarding his person this weekend. Marc Priestley, however, thinks otherwise. On his Youtube channel, he says: "I saw Helmut Marko sort of suggesting that Russell might go to Red Bull. I think that's gamesmanship. In the paddock, the general consensus is that people are getting closer and closer to announcing that George will be driving alongside Hamilton next year."

Priestley, therefore, understands Marko: "But even Helmut said he couldn't imagine Mercedes not giving Russell a seat because you then drain one of your best assets. I think Russell feels comfortable with Mercedes. He has a lot of confidence in them and they have confidence in him, and I think the announcement is coming."

The seat will come at some point

Should the announcement not come, even then Priestley doesn't think there's a man overboard. "Even if it doesn't happen [the announcement] I think Russell will remain loyal to Mercedes because that seat will come at some point. It's up for grabs and I'm pretty sure there are few people in the paddock who don't think George will be in the Mercedes next year or the year after."

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