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This is the new car that will be introduced in F1 in 2022

This is the new car that will be introduced in F1 in 2022

15-07-2021 15:12 Last update: 15:49


On the official channels of F1, the new car, which will be introduced in 2022, has been revealed. It announces a new era of Formula 1.

The new regulations were delayed for a year due to the corona pandemic, but they are finally here. There will be many changes next season. As you can see in the new images, the aerodynamic design of the cars has been completely overhauled.

Many aerodynamic changes

First, the ground effect makes a return, which should make overtaking easier. The complex bargeboards are completely banned and replaced by 'wheel bodywork'. The front wing also looks different, as it consists of only four elements.

The end plates on the rear wing have disappeared, this creates less turbulence and drivers should be able to follow each other more closely. The tyres will also change. Formula 1 will switch to 18-inch rims.

The new car has more fixed rules, with the goal to reduce the differences between the big and the small teams. Hopefully, the new cars will make chasing and overtaking easier, but in any case, the numbers look hopeful.

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