Mazepin on new chassis: 'Loss of four kilos makes big difference'

12-07-2021 11:09 | Updated: 12-07-2021 13:01
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Mazepin on new chassis: 'Loss of four kilos makes big difference'

Nikita Mazepin has been struggling in Formula 1 this season. He is usually at the back of the grid and has a hard time challenging Mick Schumacher in races. On top of that, after nine races, he has been given a lot of nicknames.

He will receive a new chassis from Haas after the summer break and will hope that this will help improve his performance. In conversation with the young Russian says there is one main reason why he is struggling so much.

"I'm only now realising that on a technical level it's much more complex than I imagined at the beginning of the year. I'm very new to Formula 1. I'm still discovering those things where the weight of the car makes such an impact."

Difference of chassis and weight very important

Mazepin also realises this by now, after nine races and a few months in Formula 1. "We as drivers are put in a position where we have to fight for every 800 grams or kilograms of our weight, sometimes drinking a little less water to make sure you are as light as possible for qualifying. Then when you lose four kilos in the chassis, of course it makes a big difference on the long straights at any circuit, like at Paul Ricard or in Austria, and then we go to Silverstone now."

The Russian goes on to say he doesn't quite know what to expect from the new chassis after the summer, but he hopes it will make him feel more comfortable in the car. In Silverstone he will have to use the current chassis.

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