This is how F1 drivers reacted to the EURO 2020 final

12-07-2021 06:50 | Updated: 12-07-2021 08:49
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This is how F1 drivers reacted to the EURO 2020 final

Last night it was time for the final between Italy and England for the EURO 2020. Over the past few days many drivers were already busy with it and also the teams couldn't resist making some European Championship jokes with each other.

At the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the Mercedes team put stickers of the English football team on the Ferrari bus. McLaren waved the English flag when Ferrari drove by with their car and Red Bull Racing couldn't resist playing the English national anthem in the paddock.

Giovinazzi happy

Italian driver Antonio Giovinazzi must have been ecstatic. His team won 3-2 in the penalty phase. On Twitter and Instagram Giovinazzi said "How extraordinarily beautiful it is to be Italian".

Norris present at EURO final

McLaren-driver Lando Norris was present at Wembley to witness the match live. Unfortunately, he could not see his team win, but despite that Norris let us know that he is proud of the team.

Dit bericht bekijken op Instagram

Een bericht gedeeld door Lando Norris (@landonorris)

Hamilton and Russell

George Russell, who has been tweeting fanatically about the EUROs, remains positive. On Instagram stories Lewis Hamilton shares that he is proud of the English team.

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