Szafnauer wants more striking colour for Aston Martin, but no more pink

10-07-2021 19:57 | Updated: 10-07-2021 21:18
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Szafnauer wants more striking colour for Aston Martin, but no more pink

Recently Aston Martin-sponsor BWT spoke out about the fact that the dark green cars do not stand out enough on television. In recent years the team, then known as Force India and Racing Point respectively, has been driven entirely in pink. Maybe not as nice as the 'British Green' that Aston Martin has chosen, but it does attract attention.

Team boss Otmar Szafnauer agrees with BWT that the car should stand out more, but has no intention of returning to pink. "I think the green colour suits us, for sure," he tells "I think it's a stunning colour in the sun and when you look at it in person. But I think we need to make it stand out a little more for television, without losing the green."

Aston Martin wants to stand out more on television

He continued: "I don't know if that's possible, but it's something we want to do to make sure the car is distinguishable on TV from other darker cars."

The pink colour of Force India and Racing Point certainly stood out among the rest of the field, but despite the wishes of sponsor BWT, Szafnauer denies that Aston Martin will fall back on that colour. "With a name like Aston Martin, which is traditionally green, and while growing as a Formula One team, I think it will stay green," he continued. "Ferrari is red, Aston is green."

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