Schumacher: 'Tyres in Formula 1 are like an open book'

10-07-2021 11:59 | Updated: 10-07-2021 13:41
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Schumacher: 'Tyres in Formula 1 are like an open book'

Mick Schumacher is currently driving his very first season in Formula 1. Just like colleague Sebastian Vettel, Schumacher can often be seen on camera casting glances at other teams' cars in parc ferme.

"I've been doing this since karting, really. It's always good to know, especially what the tyres look like on other cars, and see if I can learn anything from that. Tyres are like an open book. They show you every little flaw and every little detail of other cars and also of my car. So I think I will continue to do it," Schumacher told

That the 22-year-old driver does so in parc ferme is, therefore, no surprise. "Parc ferme is when I can get closest to another car. I can't just walk into someone's garage and say, 'Hi there, I'm going to have a look at your car and then leave again.' But it's definitely interesting to watch it."

Schumacher enjoying first season in F1

So far, Schumacher has not scored any points in the Haas, as has teammate Nikita Mazepin. Nevertheless, the German is enjoying his first year in Formula One. "I am relatively satisfied with how things are going, but in terms of performance it is, of course, tough," Schumacher admitted.

"But still we have managed to find our way and we are able to work well together. I like it so much here that I can easily come to work and work overtime because it's so much fun. I think that really reflects in my performance. That's what's important to me, that the hard work will pay off at some point and I hope it does," ends the Haas driver.

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