Steiner on triple headers in F1: 'Would rather see more double headers'

08-07-2021 18:32 | Updated: 08-07-2021 21:27
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Steiner on triple headers in F1: 'Would rather see more double headers'

Just like last year, there are a couple of triple headers on the schedule in Formula 1 this year. Last weekend the first one was concluded, resulting in three wins for Max Verstappen. It's a tough business for all the people working for an F1-team and most involved are not big fans because of the time and energy involved.

Guenther Steiner therefore spoke out against future triple headers after the Austrian Grand Prix. He is quoted by and clearly shows what he thinks about it.

"We should try not to have triple-headers. I think more double-headers are better than one triple-header. It's better to have consistent double-headers than four triple-headers in a season."

He goes on to explain why it's so tough on all teams. "With triple-headers, some people are away for a month until they get back home and in that month they've done three races, which is also pretty stressful. I'm sure the FOM will look at it, but at the moment it's a COVID situation because one of these triple-headers, like this one, has just been thrown in because the calendar is a moving target."

Next triple headers even tougher

The Russia-Turkey-Japan one in particular at the end of this year is going to be a tough one. At least, that's what the Haas F1 team boss thinks."It will be harder. It will be much more difficult because you also change time zones and, of course, you get the jetlag for free. Last Monday everyone had a day off. I gave everyone a day off so they could do some activities here, because it is very good here (Austria). But when you fly from one country to another, there is nothing. Your day off is spent on a plane."

So it is clear that the teams hope that this is the last season that triple headers are needed.

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