Support for Norris: 'You drive them off the fricking race track'

05-07-2021 16:37 | Updated: 05-07-2021 17:17
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Support for Norris: 'You drive them off the fricking race track'

Lando Norris was handed a five-minute time penalty at the Austrian Grand Prix for forcing Sergio Pérez wide whilst the Mexican was trying to overtake him. Later in the race, the Red Bull driver was penalised twice for similar incidents with Charles Leclerc. Juan Pablo Montoya finds the penalties incomprehensible.

After the race, the race direction was criticized for their decisions. Whilst Norris indeed seemed to deviate from his line, Pérez attempted to overtake him on the outside. "In my opinion, if I was the deciding person, I would say that if you were on the outside, you have no business being on the outside, and that’s been taught from the karting days," Montoya stated in conversation with

Montoya knows it's an unwritten rule in Formula 1. "All these kids grew up [being told] that if somebody tries to pass you around the outside, you drive them off the fricking race track! And you have to! So what do you expect? Why do you get mad if you go around the outside?"

World Championship standings

Norris still achieved an excellent result by crossing the finish line in third place. The Englishman is now just three points behind Pérez in the World Championship.

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