Pirelli will wait: 'On Saturday the decision will follow'

02-07-2021 20:46 | Updated: 02-07-2021 22:01
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Pirelli will wait: 'On Saturday the decision will follow'

The Formula 1 teams were able to test the new rear tyre during the first two free practice sessions of the Austrian Grand Prix. The new tyre is designed to prevent the kind of tyre blow-out experienced in Azerbaijan.

At the Baku GP, Max Verstappen led for laps but was forced to retire at the end of the race due to a sudden tyre blowout. Lance Stroll also suffered the problem earlier in the race, putting pressure on the Italian tyre supplier. The new rear tyre is said to be more robust, so the problem should not occur again.

It was wait and see for Pirelli what the teams would think of the new tyre, but according to Mario Isola, there has been a lot of positive feedback so far. "I haven't noticed any resistance and haven't even heard a negative comment. Actually, there is no reason not to introduce this tyre at Silverstone," he told Motorsport.com.

Pirelli to make decision on Saturday

Pirelli's F1 chief, however, does not yet dare to say for sure. "Now we will take some time to analyse everything and to collect feedback from teams who will drive it tomorrow morning. But again: I see no reason not to use this tyre. In any case, on Saturday the decision will follow."

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