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Bottas or Russell? Some are whispering that decision has already been made

Bottas or Russell? "Some are whispering that decision has already been made"

30-06-2021 20:21 Last update: 20:58


It's been a hot topic for quite a few years now, but so far after the sudden departure of Nico Rosberg it is still Valtteri Bottas who fills the seat next to Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes. Bottas' seat has often been the subject of scrutiny and there have been numerous rumours that other drivers would be appointed, such as Max Verstappen, Esteban Ocon and now George Russell.

Bottas or Russell?

According to Formula1.com journalist David Tremayne it remains to be seen who will drive next year alongside Lewis Hamilton, who Tremayne says is likely to sign a new two-year deal soon. "There are those who say George Russell is finally going to get his big break at Mercedes next year, and others say Bottas will just stay."

Tremayne gave his take on the situation: "I feel for Valtteri. He's a good guy and it's hardly a crime to not be as good as Lewis. Very few are. In qualifying Valtteri can be faster but lately he rarely is and he struggles with the W12. But here's the thing: no matter what happens on the track, he always gets back up. He always heads to the next race like the brave young adventurer who believes that life will be better from now on. You want that determination and dedication to start paying off for him."

Lewis or Toto?

Whether Tremayne's fine words for Bottas are going to help the Finn, however, remains to be seen: "There is talk that Lewis would like to see him stay because he knows he can count on him, but Toto Wolff made it clear last week that the choice of drivers is up to him as boss. Some are whispering that the decision to switch to George has already been made, although he and Valtteri don't know yet. That seems a bit premature to me," Tremayne added.

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