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Body language at Mercedes speaks volumes: That was strike three

Body language at Mercedes speaks volumes: "That was strike three"

23-06-2021 16:41 Last update: 21:34


Many viewers were expecting a comeback from Mercedes at the French Grand Prix. The Paul Ricard circuit is one where the team has been extremely dominant in previous years, but this time they were beaten by Red Bull Racing. According to David Tremayne of Formula1.com This marks a turning point in the title fight.

Strategic blunder Mercedes in Monaco

"When Max Verstappen won at Monaco, it was frankly no great surprise, given the history. But Lewis Hamilton's seventh place finish was worrying, and Mercedes' strategic blunder showed a previously undiscovered weakness," writes Tremayne. "Then Lewis continued to struggle with his car in Baku, before throwing away 25 points by accidentally turning on the 'brake magic' button."

According to Tremayne, Mercedes should have put all this behind them in France, but Hamilton once again struggled to get the best out of his car there. "Eventually he got it done in qualifying, and Max gifted him the lead at the first corner," he continued. But Mercedes were still busy discussing strategy after the first pit stops, when Red Bull brought Verstappen in again on lap 32.

Body language at Mercedes speaks volumes

"That was strike three on the day when the cracks started to appear in the dominant team," explained Tremayne. "I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed a seismic shift in the tectonic plates of Formula One in the last three races. I think Paul Ricard was a turning point in the title fight, although you can never underestimate Mercedes."

But according to Tremayne, it has now been a long time since Lewis hit his stride in Spain and Portugal. "And although it's 3-3 in wins it should really be 4-3 for Max. Besides, the faces and body language at Mercedes speak volumes," said the British motorsport journalist.


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