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Verstappen: 'There are many good drivers who could have won seven titles'

Verstappen: 'There are many good drivers who could have won seven titles'

23-06-2021 11:39 Last update: 12:47


The current Formula 1 season is exciting, as there is finally a fight for the title between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. What does the Dutchman himself think of the battle with the seven-time world champion?

Verstappen also agrees that this season is the team's best chance of winning the world championship. Still, it won't be easy with a driver like Hamilton facing him. After the race in Baku, Verstappen revealed that he would be two tenths faster than Hamilton in the Mercedes, after Hamilton made comments about the Red Bull being the faster car.

“It was just a counter because he keeps saying the Red Bull is faster than his car, so I’m like ‘I’m happy to swap and we’ll see the difference’," Verstappen said of his post-race comments in an interview with Crash.net.

“It’s just a bit of talk from both sides, which is fine. You have to believe in your own capabilities and I do believe I’m the fastest, but he also believes he’s the fastest."

Every F1 driver believes himself to be the fastest

Verstappen continued, "Probably other drivers like Lando [Norris] and Charles [Leclerc] think the same. I think that’s pretty normal."

“There are so many good drivers out there who I think also could have won seven titles,” he added. “I do enjoy battling Lewis but I would also enjoy battling Fernando [Alonso], Sebastian [Vettel], Charles, or Lando if they were in that car."

“You always have to just fight your competition and of course you try to be ahead of them. For me, it’s just nice to be racing against very good drivers,” Verstappen finishes.

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