Horner vigilant for Mercedes: ''Matter of time before they strike back''

23-06-2021 06:27 | Updated: 23-06-2021 08:54
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Horner vigilant for Mercedes: ''Matter of time before they strike back''

Red Bull Racing managed to win Sunday's French Grand Prix, actually winning in Mercedes territory. Christian Horner is cautious about being too optimistic though, as he believes Mercedes could rebound at any moment.

With a win for Max Verstappen at Paul Ricard, Red Bull have won three races in a row. That was a long time coming for the team, as the last time Red Bull did this was in 2013. Since then, Mercedes has been in control, but from 2020 to 2021, Red Bull and Honda have made a huge move.

Mercedes is going to strike back

''Two years ago this was the most boring race of the last five seasons. And last weekend it was one of the most exciting of that same period. It proves how hard the team has worked over the last 12 months, and especially during the pandemic. Because when you consider how dominant their car was last year and that the cars are sixty per cent unchanged... It's the same chassis they won race after race with last year,'' Horner said to Motorsport.com.

''The team has done a phenomenal job. We need to keep the momentum going because Mercedes is an incredibly strong team. It's only a matter of time before they strike back, but we just have to continue what we're doing,'' the Red Bull Racing team boss guarded against the rival.

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