Honda: 'His presence is very important for the future'

22-06-2021 17:49 | Updated: 22-06-2021 18:06
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Honda: 'His presence is very important for the future'

Red Bull Racing had an excellent weekend. The team with Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez managed to take first and third place in France, which allowed them to gain points on Mercedes again.

The success of the weekend was not only due to Verstappen, Pérez also made a very good impression. Toyoharu Tanabe also remarked that. "Since we partnered with Red Bull, Verstappen has always had to compete against both Mercedes cars on his own. But Perez has joined the team this year and he is gradually picking up his pace," the Honda F1 technical director told

Pérez's performance has a big effect on Verstappen's chances for the world championship. "If the situation had been the same as last year, Hamilton might have been free to make a pit stop again. But this time Perez was there and Mercedes could not move freely. In this sense, we can use teamwork, mechanics, engineers, strategists, and drivers. His presence is very important for the future to become constructors' champion and drivers' champion."

Styria GP

The drivers are gearing up for the Styrian Grand Prix this coming weekend. In Austria, Red Bull looks to have a great chance of victory, although Mercedes will be only too happy to surprise.

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