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Pérez describes overtaking by Bottas: 'I was already ahead'

Pérez describes overtaking by Bottas: 'I was already ahead'

21-06-2021 10:55 Last update: 13:09


Sergio Pérez put down a strong race during the French Grand Prix. The Red Bull Racing driver drove for a long time in fourth place but eventually proved too fast for Valtteri Bottas.

The Mexican managed to overtake Bottas but went off track at that moment. According to Pérez, he had no choice. "I was already ahead but I tried to give him as much room as possible," he says at the press conference. "That meant I went off the track. I came back and basically, I had no advantage because the move was already done and it was mainly done to give him room and avoid any possible contact at that point."

Race control approved the incident, allowing him to retain his third place. Pérez felt he could also overtake Lewis Hamilton if the race went on a little longer. "We did a good strategy. We went long – very long – on that first stint which really paid out. And I think, yeah, we lacked a couple of laps to get Lewis as well."

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