Rosberg denounces Mercedes strategy "How many more mistakes?"

20-06-2021 17:23
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Rosberg denounces Mercedes strategy How many more mistakes?

Another hugely exciting battle for victory between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton took place in the French Grand PrixMax Verstappen won this time, and again it was thanks to a phenomenal tactical choice by Red Bull. Still, there was a lot of criticism towards Mercedes and the choice the team made.

The second pit stop of Max Verstappen was the deciding factor. Nico Rosberg saw this as well. During the live commentary on Sky Sports he therefore said he was surprised by Mercedes' strategy.

"What a mistake by Mercedes, again. How many mistakes they are making this year. They pulled Bottas in, which led Verstappen to return who in turn brought Hamilton back. They [Mercedes] created everything themselves. Hamilton was quiet up front." In short: The former world champion doesn't really understand what his former team did during the race. Valtteri Bottas ' pit spot caused a chain reaction. Mercedes themselves turned out to be the biggest loser from that in the end.

Verstappen beats Hamilton

However, he only did this at the end. As a result, Verstappen won and is again ahead of Hamilton in the battle for the championship. Next weekend is the start of a doubleheader in Austria. Then the duel will take place again, on a circuit where Max Verstappen and Red Bull usually perform well.

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