Jos Verstappen about final phase of race: "Luckily they didn't use it".

20-06-2021 16:49
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Jos Verstappen about final phase of race: Luckily they didn't use it.

The victory of Max Verstappen in France was of course also a very exciting situation for father Jos Verstappen. Opposite ZiggoSport he says that as a father he doesn't want to experience this too often.

He especially knows that this is not always healthy for his heart. "My heart rate is still high here. As a father, this is not the healthiest thing. But this victory is nice of course. This way a victory is even nicer if it ends well. But still: this was too exciting for me. Then the Dutchman goes a little deeper into the race. He too thought that it was not going to work out at the end.

"In the beginning, I thought it's not going to work, the gap is at 5 seconds and it didn't get any smaller about four laps before the end. Then it was finished. Hamilton had no more front tyres. With graining, you keep going. Then it gets slippery on top, but you can still do it. Still it was over two laps before the end. That worked out well for us."

Undercut Max

He was also surprised about Verstappen's surprising undercut at the first stop. "Yes, Toto just walked by and he said 'we lose three seconds at the undercut'. The last sector at the last stint was 1.5 seconds. Then Max saw Lewis and used some extra battery. Then he just got in front. The Mercedes can easily stay behind Max, but the car starts to understeer more. Then in the second stint, his front tyres were finished, he went down before the second top of Verstappen and then it was done. Then they could still make a second stop in the closing stages, as we saw in Bahrain and Barcelona. Luckily they didn't capitalise on that."

Toto opposite Jos

After the race, Jos had a chat with Toto Wolf. He was not happy, of course. "For him, it was a sh*tty race, but he also thought it was super nice for F1 and for every fan it is good. People have been waiting for this for years and people drop out because it doesn't come. Thankfully it's now one of the most exciting seasons we've seen in recent years. Hoping it falls a bit more our way."

The Dutchman will not have long to recover from this race, as next weekend Austria is already on the programme.

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