Horner reveals Red Bull secret: 'This is phenomenal'

19-06-2021 15:35
by GPblog.com
Horner reveals Red Bull secret: 'This is phenomenal'

Christian Horner saw Max Verstappen grab pole position today, providing excellent revenge after the drama in Baku. The British chief is fully enjoying his team's success in France.

"It's fantastic, it's our first ever pole in France," Horner told Sky Sports immediately afterwards. Both Red Bull drivers can count on praise from the team boss."It was a great performance from Max. He was fast in every session all weekend. We managed to improve the car further each session. Perez is there too, so that's promising."

Less downforce for Verstappen

What exactly has Red Bull changed about the RB16B over the last 24 hours? "We've taken out some downforce, " says Verstappen. That results in the Austrian formation with Max Verstappen looking very good on a circuit where it is normally difficult.

"It gives us more confidence, but we have to wait and see tomorrow. Mercedes have been so strong here in recent years. If we can beat them here, we can beat them anywhere. The team works great, makes long days. It's difficult with the budget ceiling, the current car, but also the 2022 cars. Putting that much pressure on Mercedes is phenomenal."

Horner expects competitive Red Bull

Horner doesn't want to get too ahead of himself, as the points won't be distributed until Sunday. "We should be very competitive again tomorrow. Perez is there now too, so we can put pressure on Mercedes. We have several strategic options. Important is a good start. We have to do all the basics just right. With that I mean the strategy and pit stops," he concludes.

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