Verstappen on incident: "Then it is easier to understand"

17-06-2021 14:30 | Updated: 17-06-2021 15:09
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Verstappen on incident: Then it is easier to understand

Max Verstappen will once again be aiming for victory at the French Grand Prix and will still have the incident of two weeks ago firmly in mind. A blowout prevented him from winning in Azerbaijan. That has to change in France.

Pirelli investigated the incident over the past two weeks and concluded that the teams themselves were to blame. "We're going up again here in terms of tyre pressure, maybe that has something to do with those crashes in Baku," Verstappen responded in conversation with The Telegraph. "But it would be nice to know exactly what the problem was. Then it's easier to understand than the explanation we got now."

Verstappen stresses that he is fully behind his team. "I do know that the team did nothing wrong and followed all the guidelines," states the Dutchman, who is keen to help Pirelli. "We would like to help them to see how we can improve this."

Pérez's Grand Prix victory

The incident was positive for Sergio Pérez, as it allowed Verstappen's teammate to secure his first win for Red Bull. He kept Sebastian Vettel and Pierre Gasly behind him.

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