Verstappen on Perez performance: 'Baku was an example of how to do it'

15-06-2021 11:46 | Updated: 15-06-2021 15:18
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Verstappen on Perez performance: 'Baku was an example of how to do it'

The French Grand Prix is just around the corner, and Max Verstappen is still leading the standings by four points thanks to the bizarre series of events in Baku. Lewis Hamilton will try to regain the lead this weekend in the south of France.

In a Red Bull press release, the Dutchman talks about the crazy final stage of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. "Of course I would have liked to win and it's fair to say we were on course to win in Baku, but that's racing and these things happen. Sometimes you can't do anything about it, so we just have to keep going and move on. We are still leading the championship and of course I would like to be leading by more points, but it is what it is." Verstappen was also clear about the role of teammate Sergio Perez, who is starting to get into better shape.

"It's great to have two cars up front fighting for the championship and also scoring points. Baku was a good example of that and how it should be done. It's great that Checo has been able to increase the gap to Mercedes in the constructors' championship and that he is now third in the drivers' championship."

Verstappen sees Mercedes improving in France

Verstappen also knows that such a weekend as in Baku will not happen often to Mercedes.

"I'm sure Mercedes will be strong again on the 'normal' circuits, so we have to keep pushing and keep improving until the end, because it's never enough. So far the season has gone pretty well for us, but we have to remember that there are still many races ahead. I am happy with the race results we have achieved so far and that we are leading the championship, but we also have to be there as the leader in Abu Dhabi, that is all that matters."

Verstappen on Paul Ricard

Next weekend marks the start of the first triple header of this season. Starting in France, where the battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen will continue at Paul Ricard. "The Circuit Paul Ricard is a fast circuit. There are a couple of fast corners towards the end of the lap and you also have to be careful with tyre damage. There's also a lot of run-out, so sometimes it's a bit strange because there's so much space, which is obviously completely different to the two street circuits we've just been to. I'm looking forward to returning there and hopefully being on the top step of the podium."

At least since the weekend in Baku, Verstappen knows all about tyre failure. Either way it will be interesting to see whether Red Bull or Mercedes will have the advantage in France. The Dutchman will be looking to maintain his lead in the championship and if possible increase it.

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