There are no more excuses for Verstappen: 'He doesn't have a blunt weapon anymore'

15-06-2021 10:14 | Updated: 15-06-2021 15:16
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There are no more excuses for Verstappen: 'He doesn't have a blunt weapon anymore'

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are fighting for the world title this year, and that is good news for Formula 1. According to Gerhard Berger Verstappen is currently the driver with the upper hand, but it is close.

Verstappen better than Hamilton

In 2021 it finally looks like a battle between Hamilton and Verstappen. Hamilton has won seven world titles and has been dominant with Mercedes in recent years, while Verstappen has never really come close with Red Bull Racing. In 2021 Max finally has a car with which he can go on the attack, and that is great for the sport.

''You can see now it's very clear that the two are on an equal footing. Max is even slightly ahead. But a lot can still happen this season, it is still a long one,'' said the Austrian at Sport und Talk aus dem Hangar 7 by ServusTV. According to Berger, there are no excuses for Verstappen now with the RB16B at his disposal.

Verstappen can finally fight

''With Max and Lewis we have two exceptional talent and they now have a technical package that is no longer free. Max has no blunt weapons, he has a super fast car. It also has an engine that is not that far removed from the Mercedes engine in the meantime,'' said the former Formula One driver.

''Red Bull has been looking for more engine power for two or three years. Honda did a great job over the winter and did the homework. There is a great opportunity to become world champion again. Max Verstappen plays the piano on all keys and Lewis Hamilton will make more mistakes under pressure than in the past. The Red Bull Racing team works flawlessly anyway. If you look at the pit stops - one record after the other'', Berger concludes.

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