French GP an example for Silverstone? 'Hope every GP at full capacity by September

French GP an example for Silverstone? 'Hope every GP at full capacity by September

15-06-2021 07:30

The French Grand Prix is set to take place this weekend. It is one of the races returning after the coronavirus pandemic caused a cancellation in 2020. After Monaco, this Grand Prix will also take place with fans in the stands. The prospects are good with more and more organisers able to host a Grand Prix with an audience. 

Eric Boullier, general manager of the French Grand Prix, said in an exclusive interview with GPblog Boullier that he is delighted that fans can finally attend the event again. "Well, it was quite a challenge, but it worked very well and we are very happy to be the next one now. We had to cancel last year."

Limited capacity at Paul-Ricard

"With spectators, even though we have a limited capacity because of the COVID-situation, we are very happy to finally have a Grand Prix." At the Paul-Ricard circuit, they are working with three separate bubbles this coming weekend, Boullier said in an earlier interview with GPblog. “We worked very hard with the government to try and get as much people as possible, being done in a safe manner and respecting the COVID-protocols."

"We will have 15,000 spectators which is far from being full, but at least everyone seems to appreciate to have fans and some atmosphere and ambiance back in the grandstands." The race at Paul-Ricard seems to be an indicator for an F1 summer with lots of spectators at the circuit. At Silverstone, among other places, the plan is to admit fans at full capacity. Though doubt has been cast over that at Silverstone with Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing a delay in the roadmap. 

Example for Silverstone

Boullier hopes the French GP can be an example for other organisers. “I think we all do our best to make sure we can have all the fans back. I’m really looking forward to Formula 1 track with full capacity and I really hope that by September, every Grand Prix can be full, like how it was before the pandemic," he added. 

For the French Grand Prix, that objective came a few months too soon and so there won't be full grandstands, but at least fans will be present and so Boullier is hopeful for 'his' Grand Prix. "We have to deal with what we have today and in France we still have restrictions now, so we did our best to have the maximum spectators," he said.

"It’s good to see them back in the grandstands. It’s also good for F1 and the fans watching from home, to see some atmosphere around the circuit," Boullier concluded.

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