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French Grand Prix Timetable | This is what time all sessions start at Paul Ricard.

French Grand Prix Timetable | This is what time all sessions start at Paul Ricard.

14-06-2021 06:26 Last update: 10:39


It's race week again, and that means we can get ready for the French Grand Prix. At the Paul Ricard circuit Max Verstappen will be keen on a victory, after it was taken away from him in Azerbaijan. Whether he succeeds, we will see this weekend. Find out what time you need to switch on for each session here.

The 2021 Formula 1 season is more exciting than the last seven years put together. At last there is a real title fight again, and with it the excitement and action on and off the track. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are fighting together for the world title, but both failed to score any points in Azerbaijan.

Revenge for Verstappen

It was a huge blow for Verstappen, who had victory in his hands five laps from the end when he suffered a sudden tyre blowout. Hamilton then had an ideal position to start hurting Verstappen in the standings, but made a mistake on the restart and also failed to score any points.

In France both will be looking for revenge, and that promises to be a good spectacle. At Paul Ricard we haven't seen a lot of good races yet. It is a test circuit with all kinds of different corners, but overtaking is not very easy. Normally this was a circuit that suited Mercedes very well, but they seem to have lost their touch in recent weeks.

Timetable of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix


First free practice: 10:30am - 11:30am

Second free practice: 2pm - 3pm


Third free practice: 11:00am - 12:00pm

Qualification: 2pm - 3pm


Race: 2pm - 4pm

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