Verstappen: "Heard other team say we make a lot of mistakes"

12-06-2021 10:21 | Updated: 12-06-2021 11:04
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Verstappen: Heard other team say we make a lot of mistakes

Max Verstappen still leads the Constructors' Championship by four points after a bizarre weekend in Baku. However, Red Bull did pull ahead of Mercedes over the weekend in Azerbaijan thanks to Perez's win and the scoreless weekend of Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton.

In conversation with, He says he is more than satisfied with the way things are going. There are very few mistakes being made by the Red Bull team, the Dutchman also sees. " I've heard another team say that we make more mistakes, but that clearly doesn't seem to be the case", he responds to earlier statements from the Mercedes camp.

"Of course nobody is perfect, everybody makes mistakes. But so far we have made the fewest mistakes in a very exciting championship. I fully trust my team in any case. When I drive into the pit lane, for example, I know that in 99.99 percent of all cases I'm going to have a good stop. It's very nice to come into the pits with such a good feeling, knowing I can fully trust the guys."

Max wants to keep developing car

In addition, despite many teams already having their focus on 2022, Max hopes that Red Bull can still improve the car during the season. "We have to keep bringing new parts to the car. If we keep doing that, then I'm confident. On top of that, we will always learn from things that went wrong, for example when we worked in the wrong direction with the setup. You learn something new every weekend. If we keep doing that as a team I think we can have a very good season".

The Dutchman has probably never sat in a Formula 1 car with so much confidence, especially now that he has a real chance of winning a championship. The Dutchman will once again want to show during the triple header in France and Austria that Red Bull are the favourites at the moment.

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