Ralf Schumacher on Baku tyre blowout: "Heard the track was very dirty"

09-06-2021 11:55 | Updated: 09-06-2021 15:41
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Ralf Schumacher on Baku tyre blowout: Heard the track was very dirty

It was all about last weekend and early this week: the blowouts of Lance Stroll and Max Verstappen. Especially the last blowout was of great importance in the battle for the championship. Many people have already spoken out about these two moments and Pirelli's tyres. Ralf Schumacher had his say in an interview at Speedweek.com.

Ralf Schumacher, unlike others, is speaking out cautiously for now. "Pirelli must have had a bad feeling this weekend. However, I would be cautious in classifying the issue." As such, he believes it is difficult to assess whether Stroll's and Verstappen's blowouts are similar.

"I've heard from teams that the track was extremely dirty. Next to the crash barriers there were some old nails and other things. There were a lot of objects flying around. With Stroll, I suspect that something like that was fatal to him, because at the time there was no accident where he had carbon parts. from other cars could have been grabbed. In the case of Verstappen, I'm not sure. Pirelli's analysis will reveal the cause."

Ralf Schumacher happy with title race

A stroke of luck. Literally in this case. Thanks to the pointless weekend of both Verstappen and Hamilton, the difference remains only four points in favour of the Dutchman.

"The battle for the world championship remains exciting. This is exactly what we have wanted for years. It will be interesting to see who makes the fewest mistakes, which team draws the right conclusions and uses the better strategies." Starting next weekend, a triple header will follow in successive France and Austria. Then the fantastic battle for the championship will continue.

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