Gasly enjoyed late restart: 'Drivers were like lions out of their cage'

08-06-2021 20:00 | Updated: 08-06-2021 22:29
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Gasly enjoyed late restart: 'Drivers were like lions out of their cage'

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix was a special one, as fans were treated to the ultimate sprint race of just two laps remaining after the red flag was waved for Max Verstappen's crash. Gasly says drivers came 'like lions out of the cage' on that final restart.

Intense restart with two laps to go

There were seventeen drivers left in competition at the time of the final restart of the race. Lewis Hamilton eliminated himself by shooting straight into Turn 1, giving the win to Sergio Perez. Behind, it was very exciting, as both Sebastian Vettel, Pierre Gasly and Charles Leclerc still had a claim to the podium.

Gasly eventually managed to snatch the final podium spot from behind Vettel in front of Leclerc, and was able to enjoy the battle despite the hefty fight. "It always brings a bit more excitement," Gasly said at about the standing starts. "It creates some sort of adrenalin inside you and yeah, I knew there would be some opportunities because you start only for two laps, everybody is a bit like lions out of the cage."

Gasly hopes for more super sprints

"Everybody goes for everything and tries to make up as many positions as they can in a very short time. I didn’t see the replay of the last two laps but I must say on my side it was very intense, I really enjoyed it. If anything, hopefully in the future they will do the same," Gasly concluded.

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