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Brawn on tyre blow-out in Baku: 'Debris often a problem on street circuits'

Brawn on tyre blow-out in Baku: 'Debris often a problem on street circuits'

07-06-2021 20:46 Last update: 21:14


The Azerbaijan Grand Prix was one for the books. A whirlwind finish and an uncommon podium. The most talked-about issue however is the whole Pirelli tyre problem that both Lance Stroll and Max Verstappen were victims of. It even cost the Dutchman a victory.


Pirelli has been criticised for the whole incident up until now. Verstappen himself said after the race that he doesn't expect much from the investigations into the cause of the tyre damage. Ross Brawn, F1's Sporting Director, thinks the team will dig deep to find out the truth.


In his column on F1.com he says: "First there was Lance and then Max. Fortunately, both remained unharmed after severe accidents, which was great to see. Pirelli will conduct a thorough investigation into what happened. One of the things with street circuits is that debris can often be a problem."

Brawn, therefore, calls for the emotion not to jump to its own conclusions on the issue: "We have to stay calm. Pirelli did a lot of work over the winter to give the tyres more margin and the FIA made changes to reduce aerodynamic downforce to give even more margin. Let's be patient and wait for the results of the analysis."

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