Will new measures from Dutch government endanger the Dutch Grand Prix?

04-06-2021 11:29 | Updated: 04-06-2021 12:19
by GPblog.com
Will new measures from Dutch government endanger the Dutch Grand Prix?

While the whole of The Netherlands is slowly preparing for a great sports summer, one of the most important events seems to be in doubt. The Dutch Grand Prix is scheduled for September 5th, but the Dutch government has made a demand on the organisation which might cause problems.

Motorsport.com reports that the Dutch government has made a requirement to the FIA and F1 that all personnel coming to Zandvoort must be fully vaccinated. Initially, this doesn't seem to cause any major problems, but for many team members, it's not certain whether they will be able to travel to the Netherlands.

The Netherlands not the first country with this measure

For young team members of the seven British teams, the staff within the F1 organisation, the FIA and the media there is some urgency to be vaccinated in time. The Netherlands is not the first country to make this choice. Saudi Arabia has already indicated that they will take this measure, but because this race is only scheduled for December 5th there is no rush.

This does apply to the Dutch Grand Prix which is on the calendar in three months time. In Bahrain, the teams could already have every team member vaccinated as the government offered this to the F1 paddock. Not everyone took advantage of this offer and therefore there will be some uncertainty in the near future as to whether every team member will be able to attend the Dutch Grand Prix.

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