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Verstappen has good chance in Azerbaijan: I think Max is really good

Verstappen has good chance in Azerbaijan: "I think Max is really good"

03-06-2021 19:34 Last update: 20:03


Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton will fight each other again in Azerbaijan for the first place in the world championship. Former racing driver Gerhard Berger has a lot of respect for both drivers.

The Red Bull Racing driver is experiencing his first real competition with Hamilton this season. Although Mercedes had the upper hand on a number of circuits, the Austrian team proved to be the fastest in Imola and Monaco. It promises to be an interesting Grand Prix in Azerbaijan.

Berger likes to look at the way Verstappen drives on the track. "Max I think is really good," he told the press conference, recorded by Speedweek. "How hard he is and how he makes every teammate look so old. Red Bull has built a fast car, but at the moment not fast enough to execute the strategies perfectly. Mercedes still has a slight advantage in that."

Hamilton and Verstappen performance

On top of that, Hamilton is also doing well this season, according to Berger. "The way he sent Max out in Bahrain, the way he executed the strategy in Barcelona, how few mistakes he makes, how consistent he is and how he pushes the team," states Berger, who concludes with compliments for Verstappen. "But you also have to say about Max: when Hamilton beat him in Bahrain, Verstappen hit back immediately at the next race."

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