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Schumacher's mistake does not need to be scrutinised: He had a faultless race

Schumacher's mistake does not need to be scrutinised: "He had a faultless race"

01-06-2021 06:26 Last update: 09:32


Mick Schumacher did not have the weekend he had hoped for in Monaco. The German crashed out during the third free practice session and was therefore unable to compete in qualifying. According to Timo Glock, however, that crash should not be overemphasised.

Schumacher has so far dominated his teammate Nikita Mazepin. The German was faster than the Russian in the first four qualifying sessions and managed to finish ahead of him in the races as well. In Monaco, neither was possible. It already went wrong on Friday, after a big crash during the third free practice. Schumacher's first major mistake in F1. 

Error by Schumacher

''It was of course unfortunate that Mick had his second crash in the third free practice session which prevented him from qualifying. Such a situation is part and parcel of a Rookie coming to Monaco. That car is also very difficult to drive and sometimes very unpredictable'', says Glock according to Speedweek.com.

According to the former Formula One driver, there is, therefore, no need to pay so much attention to Mick's crash. ''Before his crash Mick drove good times, so that would have been interesting for qualifying. In the end it didn't come to that. Schumacher has to learn from this. He had a faultless race, so those two incidents shouldn't be overemphasised either. In Baku he will get another chance to prove himself," Glock concluded.

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