'Hamilton has done the same to Rosberg in the past'

29-05-2021 16:20 | Updated: 29-05-2021 17:29
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'Hamilton has done the same to Rosberg in the past'

Lewis Hamilton is preparing for a fierce battle this season. Where the Englishman won the world titles relatively easy in the past, it is Max Verstappen who is on top of the rankings for the time being. Jacques Villeneuve gives Verstappen a good chance this season.

The Dutchman has shown in the first five races that he doesn't give up easily. Although Mercedes is still the better driver on certain circuits, Red Bull has made up for lost time. Villeneuve likes to see Verstappen fight. "Lewis has done the same with Nico (Rosberg, ed.) in the past. He keeps it clean, but he does go to the limit. It looked like he was holding back, but he wasn't," he states in conversation with Motorsport-magazin.com.

However, Villeneuve believes Hamilton is not to be underestimated either. "With Nico, it was obvious when he was being aggressive, but with Lewis, it's not the case. That's why I look at it like that, it's just normal for Verstappen to do it like that. How Lewis does, it's because of experience, he knows which battles to take on and which not. He has made the right choices."

GP of Azerbaijan

This coming weekend the next Grand Prix is on the programme. The drivers of Mercedes and Red Bull will then fight for pole position again on the street circuit of Azerbaijan.

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