Haas loses huge amount of money after Schumacher crashes in Monaco

23-05-2021 12:36 | Updated: 23-05-2021 13:10
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Haas loses huge amount of money after Schumacher crashes in Monaco

For Mick Schumacher his first Monaco GP has so far been disappointing. In the second free practice session, he hit the wall bringing his session to a premature end. On Saturday he drove his car into the wall even harder and the mechanics didn't have enough time to finish the repair for qualifying. The Haas team was not happy with the price tag.

"We haven't quite calculated it exactly yet, but I estimate it will cost between 300,000 and 500,000. Just with a new front wing you've already lost 150,000," team boss Guenther Steiner acknowledges to Formel1.de. Steiner saw the crash on the screens and knew it was going to be a costly repair.

Call Steiner didn't work

"The damage is quite big. Front wing, rear wing, the whole left side of the suspension". Fortunately for Haas, one of the most expensive parts of an F1 car remained in one piece. "The chassis is intact, we don't need to replace that". Prior to the weekend, Steiner made a comment on Wednesday to both his drivers to keep the car out of the wall.

"That clearly didn't work", Steiner states. For Schumacher himself, there was a lot of guilt and he would have preferred to help his team with the repairs. "However, I would get in their way more than I would help. I was with the team throughout qualifying. They are professionals and they know what they are doing. My job is to drive the car," Schumacher concluded.

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