Hamilton surprises with Mercedes: "That was fascinating, almost scary"

17-05-2021 16:16 | Updated: 17-05-2021 16:55
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Hamilton surprises with Mercedes: That was fascinating, almost scary

Ralf Schumacher has seen how much Mercedes' performance has improved over the last few races. Whilst the team struggled in the winter sessions, Red Bull Racing is finding it increasingly difficult to keep up. Schumacher therefore has yet to see how the battle for the world championship continues.

The German believes Red Bull must make a step forward quickly, starting in Monaco. "Engine power is not crucial in Monte Carlo," he stated in conversation with Speedweek. "My guess is that Verstappen and Red Bull Racing will do very well on this tight circuit. I'm curious what aerodynamic innovations we'll see there anyway. Usually they put everything they can on the car."

Schumacher also notes that Hamilton has more experience. "Verstappen is still very young. We don't need to talk about his huge potential, but he obviously can't bring as much experience as Hamilton yet. Mercedes manages to build an excellent car every year. In Barcelona they were sometimes a second a lap faster. That was fascinating, almost scary."

Hamilton's lead over Verstappen

Although Verstappen has been Hamilton's big challenger this season, the Englishman is comfortably in the lead for now. Hamilton has 94 points so far, while the Dutchman has 14 points less. Two years ago Hamilton won in Monaco for the last time.

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