Pirelli opts for softest compounds at Monaco GP

17-05-2021 14:01 | Updated: 17-05-2021 14:04
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Pirelli opts for softest compounds at Monaco GP

After a free weekend the drivers are preparing for the fifth race of the season. The teams will travel to Monaco in the coming days, where once again an exciting race awaits them. For the first time this season the teams are using the softest compound.

Pirelli will take the so-called C5 for the first time in 2021. "Monaco is not only the shortest lap of the year with the lowest average speed, but it also has the slowest corner of the year," Pirelli explains. "To cope with this, the teams use a high-downforce package with a specific front and rear wing to balance downforce levels."

"In 2019, when the race was last run, Lewis Hamilton won with a soft to medium strategy after making an early stop under the safety car on lap 11, then managing this compound brilliantly to the end. The other podium finishers also stopped under the safety car but went to hard tyres."

Winners GP Monaco

Last year's race in Monaco did not go ahead due to the coronavirus crisis. In previous years, Hamilton (2019), Daniel Ricciardo (2018) and Sebastian Vettel (2017) walked away with the top prize. Max Verstappen has never won at the track.

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