This is the weather forecast for the Monaco Grand Prix

17-05-2021 12:25 | Updated: 17-05-2021 13:12
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This is the weather forecast for the Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is back on the calendar. The last time Formula 1 touched down in the principality was in 2019 when Lewis Hamilton managed to win the race with rather cloudy weather. For this coming weekend, the weather forecast looks the same.

There is little chance that the drivers will encounter wet conditions in Monte Carlo. According to the weather forecast it will remain dry and there is only a small chance of precipitation. Fortunately, the Monaco Grand Prix also knows how to cause sensation in dry weather.


The first and free practice in Monaco will not take place on Friday but on Thursday. This looks to be the best day for this Formula 1 weekend. It will be mostly sunny with a temperature of 20 degrees, according to Moreover there is only a one percent chance of precipitation.


On Saturday the predictions are not that different. The temperature is about 21 degrees. However, there will be more clouds around the track and the chance of precipitation has increased. But the chances are high that it will stay dry during the third free practice and the qualification.


The weather forecast for Saturday is exactly the same as Saturday. Around twenty degrees Celsius, partly cloudy and a little over twenty percent chance of rain. In that respect we don't have to expect a lot of spectacle weather-wise; the drivers will have to take care of that themselves.

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