Bad news for Russell? 'Ocon has a right to be considered seriously'

17-05-2021 06:41 | Updated: 17-05-2021 10:09
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Bad news for Russell? 'Ocon has a right to be considered seriously'

Valtteri Bottas' six-year stint at Mercedes looks set to see another mediocre season in 2021. Many Formula 1 experts have been discussing his possible replacement, with George Russell, and Esteban Ocon, currently driving for Alpine, the two most likely names to fill the coveted seat next to Lewis Hamilton?

Motorsport journalist Fergal Walsh argues in Motorsport Monday of Ocon's qualities, and why Toto Wolff should seriously consider the Frenchman for the second seat.

“Ocon has the Formula 1 experience, he has the speed, now all he needs is the opportunity to show off his talent", Walsh argues. "His stately presence in F1 and his connections to Mercedes should earn him the right to be considered at [Mercedes] for 2022.”

Not experienced enough

At Alpine, Ocon has had to make do with a mediocre midfield car, yet this year he has consistently outperformed his teammate, the returning legend Fernando Alonso. One remaining argument against a promotion for the Frenchman lies in his relative inexperience at the front of the grid, something Walsh refutes.

Walsh: “There is an argument that Ocon has not raced at the front of a motorsport field since 2015, when he won the GP3 Series, prior to his sudden Formula 1 promotion. But no matter how his possible inadequacy is viewed, Mercedes must accept that whatever they choose to do, there will always be a risk or two involved.”

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