Alonso reasons: 'This is why I made my return to F1 and not somewhere else'

16-05-2021 20:15 | Updated: 16-05-2021 21:13
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Alonso reasons: 'This is why I made my return to F1 and not somewhere else'

Fernando Alonso, who made his return to the premier class of motorsport this year with Alpine, reasons in a new interview why he once again set his sights on Formula One at the expense of WEC, Indycar and Dakar.

"Right now, I think, especially after the pandemic, [F1] is the series that is more capable to produce a good show and to produce a good competition", Alonso begins his reasoning opposite

Lack of challenge

Alonso goes on to state that his exit from Formula 1 in 2018 was motivated by a lack of challenge in the premier class combined with an abundance of it in other racing classes. However, he saw this situation mirrored in 2020.

Alonso: "In 2020, when I made the decision to come back, all the other series were on the table, and I thought that Formula 1 was the best challenge in that moment. And the best competition."

“Even with the pandemic, the teams are still very strong and in good health economically and on performance side to produce fantastic cars and a good show", the Spaniard concluded.

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