Wolff predicts title fight: "Doubt any of us will go to the limit"

15-05-2021 17:40 | Updated: 16-05-2021 09:17
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Wolff predicts title fight: Doubt any of us will go to the limit

The 2021 Formula 1 season is now well and truly underway and is proceeding exactly as expected. Verstappen and Red Bull Racing have moved a step closer to Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton, creating a real title fight. Toto Wolff thinks that this battle will go on until the end of the season.

Will Red Bull Racing continue to develop for longer?

The battle in F1 is not only on the track, but also off it. For 2021 the teams will be playing poker with the further development of the car. The moment they make the full factory switch to the 2022 car could well be decisive at the end of the season, although Wolff believes both teams will opt for a similar strategy.

"It will take until the end, because I doubt any of us will go to the extreme in balancing the work on the 2021 car and the 2022 car. We can't just let 2021 pass us by. At the same time, for every week you lose in preparation for 2022, you will pay an immense price in performance," the Mercedes team boss told Motorsport.com.

So, with the development of the current car continuing, the question is who dares to blink last. Red Bull Racing traditionally continues to develop the car for longer, and given that this is Honda's last year, it would theoretically make sense for them to do so again now. But as Wolff also points out, because of the new regulations in 2022, you pay a higher price for that than in other seasons.

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