Jordan: 'Both are unique, but I'm still going for Hamilton'

15-05-2021 16:55 | Updated: 16-05-2021 09:18
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Jordan: 'Both are unique, but I'm still going for Hamilton'

The discussion about the best F1 driver of all time will probably never end. For Eddie Jordan the choice is difficult, but ultimately clear: Lewis Hamilton.

When Michael Schumacher took his seventh Formula 1 title, it seemed that no one would ever beat that record or even come close. Only last season did we find out that it is possible, when Lewis Hamilton took his seventh world championship.

With that, the choice for the best driver of all time has only become more difficult for many. Because how do you choose between greats like Schumacher, Hamilton and Senna? For Eddie Jordan the choice is now clear. "Both are unique, so it makes me almost schizophrenic to have to choose a winner, but I'm going for Hamilton," the former team boss told ABMS.

Why Hamilton over Schumacher?

That choice is not easy for the Irishman, but one aspect about Hamilton is decisive. "Lewis never won his titles in a collision like Michael did in Adelaide in 1994. Lewis's time at Mercedes was also never marred by cheating rumours. I still remember how much Michael suffered when Benetton was accused of using a banned traction control system in 1994. And his time at Ferrari didn't go entirely without someone pointing the finger at the team either," Jordan states.

All those accusations, according to Eddie Jordan, don't diminish the achievements of the legendary driver. "Both are simply greats in their profession." 

Besides the two seven times world champions the Irishman doesn't want to leave out another driver: "Ayrton Senna is out of my league. He was a magician in every sense of the word. He died far too young to judge him objectively. Had he not crashed at Imola, he would have won far more than three titles. I can't prove it, but I'm sure of that."

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